Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Corner View~Collections

Thanks, Francesca for coming up with this topic! This is going to be so fun to write about!
I have a lot of collections of things. First of all, I collect stones. Here's a picture of them:

I also collect those little things that they put inside pizza boxes. They look like mini three-legged tables, so I call them "pizza tables." Skylar made a sculpture out of some of them. shes probably going to add the rest to the sculpture soon. She used a glue gun. All together I have 23


Also, I don't know if you would call this a collection, but every time I lose a tooth, I leave the tooth fairy a note, asking her to let me keep my tooth, so I have some of my old teeth.

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Last night we had a party for my dad's 14th CD. My dad played his CD for everyone, and it sounded great! Everybody (including me) loved it. It started at seven, so it wasn't a dinner party. It was a DESERT party! Now, I'm just saying for the record, you should never have a dessert party with unsupervised kids. I think that's the most sugar I've ever had in one sitting! There were wafers, biscotti, mint cookies and pumpkin pie! It was awesome. There's also leftovers, so the next few days will be very chaotic, and us kids will be bouncing off walls! Okay well now I'm going to go write my corner view. Bye!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Corner View~Garden

Gardens are so beautiful. Full of colorful plants full of life. Sunlight shining on the leaves.
My mom is a serious gardener. She grows all kinds of herbs! Mint, rosemary, and a whole bunch of others. She grows all kinds of basil. Especially tulsi. Tulsi is an Indian type of basil. In India, tulsi is considered sacred. It is used for healing. Well, since my mom is constantly out in the garden, she's constantly eating tulsi. One time, she was out there, bending over, talking on the phone, and eating tulsi. Well that was a big mistake. All of a sudden the air was filled with: "Cough, cough, hack, hack!!!"
My mom was choking! She had accidentally leaned the wrong way, and now she was choking on tulsi! Well the rest of the story is not very pretty, because for the next 20 minutes, my mom was coughing up tulsi! I was a little scared. She eventually cleared her lungs, but it was a pretty close call. Well, here's my mom, the tulsi hacking lady's blog.

I'll show you some pretty pictures that my sister, Skylar took of a garden:

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p.s.  Don't worry, my mom allowed me to write this. She has a very good sense of humor.