Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Corner View~Animals

How did man and animal first start bonding? That's my question.

The thing is, lots of animals have relationships with each other. There are pictures online of things like a giraffe nuzzling a koala, or a cat and dog together (because they're not always enemies), being friends. Our relationship with animals is just like that, because we're creatures too. To animals, we are animals.

That's the good thing about us and animals. The bad thing is this: We use horses for riding, dogs for guarding, cows for milking, and pigs for garbage disposals And how do we pay them back? Sometimes, by killing them for meat (that mostly refers to cows and pigs.)

We put all kinds of animals in zoos, so we can get payed for them to be in a cage. Of course we give back to them here. We provide them food and safety from their predators. But of course, we don't tell the elephants that their cousins are being killed for their tusks. Or the leopards that their cousins are being killed for their skins. We are friends to some animals (like a dog or cat) and enemy to others (like a cockroach). Sometimes some of us are friends to a certain animal, and some of us enemies. (Example: Mice. Some people have them for pets, and others try to kill them with mouse traps.) Sometimes it depends on what country you're in. America feeds ducks, and France kills them for meat. India considers cows sacred, and America kills them for meat.

The world also makes stuffed animals! In this post, you can learn more about mine.

On the internet I found so many beautiful pictures of animals, I just had to show you all of my favorites.

Thank you Joyce, for choosing Daan's and my topic, animals. Happy Corner View! Crawl, hop, swim, fly, prowl, or trot on over to Jane's blog for more corner views.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Corner View~Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! A great day isn't it? It celebrates taking care of our beautiful home, the earth. I'd like to talk about some activities we can do to help heal the earth, right here. Skylar and I made that video with our home school teacher, and entered it in a video contest (we're finalists)!

Anyway, back to Earth Day. It is really sad how much the human race has ruined the earth and I think this Michael Jackson video is a perfect example how. I really hope that we can stop this from getting any worse because humans are just digging themselves deeper and deeper into a hole, and there are living things in that hole, that we're destroying in the process. We need to start taking a break from digging, until we can repair the living things, and until we can repair the earth.

Here's another post I recently wrote about a similar thing.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Corner View~First Year Anniversary!/Water

Congratulations, corner view! Even though I've only been in it for about a month, I have loved it. Such a wonderful experience! Also, my 13-year-old sister, Skylar, and I are the only kids participating in corner view, and it has been fun. Thank you, Mom for introducing me. Go corner view! Let's scream it! :O

Jane suggested that we share with everyone our favorite corner view post from the past, but I haven't made very many. I decided to take a previous topic that I was not included in: Water.

The other day it rained. I took photos. These are my photo results:

A ball in our rained-in pool.

Rained-on leaves.

Rain spilling out of the rain gutter.

Our whole yard with rain.