Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm getting my braces off soon!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Corner view~Humor :}

Humor. Such a beautiful thing. ={ "sniff, sniff." Sorry, I get emotional. You will probably understand, that I feel comedy is an art. There's slapstick, deadpan (like Steven Wright), improvisation like Robin Williams, whom Sky loves and posted about on her corner view.

I always use humor. My whole blog is pretty much based on humor.

Here's one of the funniest things I've ever seen from youtube. Now be patent, 'cause it gets funnier.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Corner view~7

Seven--or 7 is a lucky number (and my dad's favorite number).

I will write about my seven favorite things.

7 favorite foods: 1. potatoes, 2. hamburgers and french fries, 3. smores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 4. my mom's homemade Indian food, 5. buttered spinach (yes, I know most kids gag at the mere THOUGHT of spinach, but I like it buttered!), 6. Anything with even a drop of sugar in it (preferably 7 pounds of sugar, though), 7. lasagna (you're welcome Garfield).

7 favorite colors: 1. blue (my favorite), 2. green, 3. purple, 4. yellow, 5. sky blue, 6. the next color to be discovered, 7. any color from another dimension!

7 favorite things: 1. Percy Jackson (read my blog post about him), 2. Pokemon (my OBSESSION at the moment), 3. donating to the poor, 4. drawing, 5. reading, 6. Taekwondo (here's a post, but I'm a blue belt now, not a yellow belt), 7. Theater (singing and acting because I want to be an actress/singer)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Corner View~School

Alright, I know most of you folks out there are going to write about how school used to be, and all your old school stories. I'm only 11, so I'm still going to school! So I will write about my school at the moment.

Now, if you follow my blog, you will probably know that I home school. I have an awesome new teacher named Miss Yvonne. She's really nice, and she really lets us have a say in what we work on, how we work, and what kinds of projects we do. I do math on It's really fun! My dad teaches history, and he's great at it. Instead of teaching us about the boring, gory stuff, and making us memorize dates, he teaches us about the spiritual and really interesting stuff like Gandhi, Buddha, and Gurdjief.

I love home-schooling and will probably do it next year as well!

P.S. My mom's taking over corner view for some time while Jane's away!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I just posted another youtube video. It's called "Earth Song" by Michael Jackson. Skylar recorded it for me, and designed the footage in the video. Thanks Sky!!! I hope you guys like it! If you do, rate it up and comment! Bye!