Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mind Science

I didn't do corner view but decided to write this instead.

I was thinking. The world is progressing so fast in technology (which is apparently a good thing.) When you think "future," you think floating houses, and computers doing everything. That seems cool right? Right. But if the world keeps up what they're doing, it's gonna end up a lot different. We'll be advanced in science and everything, but the whole world is going to be falling apart as well. There are two main types of knowledge, scientific and intellectual knowledge, and spiritual knowledge.

If each of those were on a side of a scale representing the human mind at present, intellectual knowledge would be way heavier. And the scale would just be getting less and less balanced, until finally one side of the scale will be so heavy, that the scale would break. It's like that. It's good to absorb knowledge, but most of this world is only absorbing one side of it. If we get too "smart," we'll eventually just destroy ourselves.

You want an example? Wars. If we're constantly getting smarter and making new inventions, we should get it in our "big" brains that wars are horrible and childish. I think we should consider taking a break from exploring the outer galaxy, when we can't even explore our inner selves enough to stop wars and suffering, and to save our own world from things like global warming. I'm not saying it's not good to learn, but like I said, we need to start absorbing the knowledge from the other side of the scale as well, the spiritual side. Please think about what I said, and do your part to save this planet.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Mini-Golf Center

On Tuesday, I went with my friend, and two of her friends, to a mini-golf center. It did indeed have mini golf, but it also had bungee jumping, rock climbing, and bumper boats (which had a waterfall you could try to push people into)! We had a lot of fun. We all did everything at least once, and afterward, went out to lunch. It was a really fun day!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Corner View~Typical Architecture of Your Town.

I would say these pictures are more from my neighborhood than from my town, but oh well. My neighborhood is part of my town. :)

Our House

 A Neighbor's House Through the Trees

A Rock Wall

A House On a Hill

Our Neighborhood Street

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Corner View~Front Door

Okay, well, I hate to break it to everybody, but my front door is really dull. It's not the topic that's dull. I mean, if I lived in France, or Italy, like most of the people who participate in corner view, I bet I would have a really cool front door. You know, maybe I could just describe my dream front door: It would be antique wood, engraved with grape vine designs or something. I don't have a completely vivid image in my mind, but that's pretty much it.

Okay well back to reality. As I was saying, my family's front door is kind of boring, but I'm sure you still want to see a picture. Well, normally I'm a nice person, but today I'm going to make a change in my attitude. And instead of being compassionate, I'll leave you hanging--forever and ever--wondering--what my front door looks like.............

HOWEVER, If I get at least 1000 comments, maybe I'll post a picture of it on another blog entry. :)

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Corner View~Miniature Worlds

Today, I am going to tell you about the miniature world of my stuffed animals. (Pudding and Snowy Jr. are covered by Scruffy in the picture! Sorry guys!)
People say that dolls aren't real, but I think they are. In a kid's world, if they love a stuffed animal or doll a lot, it sort of becomes real. Right now, I'm reading my favorite book series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians to my dolls. Well, actually I can't start over every time I get a new doll, can I? So I'm kind of reading it to one doll in particular. I'm obsessed with him. His name is Angus and he's an adorable Webkinz beaver.
My first stuffed animal was named Spot. I got him the day I was born from my grandparents. He was a soft, chubby (but cute) teddy bear. I slept with him every night from when I was a baby. I called him "Pot" since I couldn't pronounces my "s" sound. I used to love him so much when I was four and five, that I took him everywhere, including kindergarten field trips. Well, that was a big mistake. One day I lost him on the bus going to the field trip. We tried to find him. My mom called the bus people several times, but no luck. It was one of the saddest days of my life. Just thinking about it makes me sad. You don't realize how important things are to you until they're really gone. Well, one day we saw the same exact doll in a store. My mom, of course, bought him for me. I named him Spot as well, and cut holes in his fabric so he looked like the old Spot. (That was dumb.) He is in the top picture, in the center, a white bear with pink overalls.

Go to this post on my Mom's blog to see a picture of me when I was about three, holding the original Spot. (He is the doll on the bottom.)

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Friday, March 5, 2010


Teeth. What are they? For kids, they are money earning devices (The tooth fairy). For adults, they are another bone to learn about.

I'm guessing you're wondering why I'm writing about teeth? Well, if you've been following my blog, you'll know that I have braces. And a loose tooth hurts with braces. I had a loose tooth last night, and it was hurting, so I asked my mom to pull it out. The thing was, it would have been ready, but the wire was blocking, so it could only be loose on one side. Anyway, my mom had to pull it out with pliers (she was very careful) and I put it under my pillow. It hadn't been loose for very long, and it was on such short notice for the tooth fairy that there was nothing under my pillow when I first woke up this morning. But my dad says that the tooth fairy had to go to the bank 'cause she's gonna give me a lot of money. Well, later in the day, I got two bucks! Maybe I'd post some pictures of my tooth (I wrote the tooth fairy a note, asking if I could keep it), or a picture of my new smile, but I have to do my homework. Bye!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Corner View~Coffee Companion

People, I'm a kid. I don't drink coffee, and no offense to all you coffee fans out there, but I've smelled it and from that experience, I don't think I'll ever want to have a coffee companion.

However, I do find myself wanting to go to Starbucks. I do like chai. Sometimes my mom gets it and gives us a few sips. (When it has caffeine, it makes us wild.) What I like most about Starbucks though, is the pastries. They have cinnamon rolls, and blueberry muffins, sometimes they even have donuts. But my favorite pastry that I've ever tasted was a vanilla eclair from Paris, France. (Don't give me credit for the pic. I found it on Google images.)

Okay, well sorry this post wasn't much about coffee. You know what. Just to humor you all, I'm going to put a photo of coffee on here from Google images.

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