Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Corner View~Miniature Worlds

Today, I am going to tell you about the miniature world of my stuffed animals. (Pudding and Snowy Jr. are covered by Scruffy in the picture! Sorry guys!)
People say that dolls aren't real, but I think they are. In a kid's world, if they love a stuffed animal or doll a lot, it sort of becomes real. Right now, I'm reading my favorite book series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians to my dolls. Well, actually I can't start over every time I get a new doll, can I? So I'm kind of reading it to one doll in particular. I'm obsessed with him. His name is Angus and he's an adorable Webkinz beaver.
My first stuffed animal was named Spot. I got him the day I was born from my grandparents. He was a soft, chubby (but cute) teddy bear. I slept with him every night from when I was a baby. I called him "Pot" since I couldn't pronounces my "s" sound. I used to love him so much when I was four and five, that I took him everywhere, including kindergarten field trips. Well, that was a big mistake. One day I lost him on the bus going to the field trip. We tried to find him. My mom called the bus people several times, but no luck. It was one of the saddest days of my life. Just thinking about it makes me sad. You don't realize how important things are to you until they're really gone. Well, one day we saw the same exact doll in a store. My mom, of course, bought him for me. I named him Spot as well, and cut holes in his fabric so he looked like the old Spot. (That was dumb.) He is in the top picture, in the center, a white bear with pink overalls.

Go to this post on my Mom's blog to see a picture of me when I was about three, holding the original Spot. (He is the doll on the bottom.)

To see less tear jerking miniature worlds, go to Jane's blog.


  1. Oh I love this post! And what you say is true. Everything is real if you think it that way. And I love your text! Thanks sweet Annabel for this and have a lovely day.

  2. I think there are real too. My first companion was a pink teddy bear, named "Rosou" (sounds like pinky)... "He" slept we all my kids... and is still in the bed of the last one !!!
    Lovely world

  3. hey, love that beaver there with its funny teeth.
    I just read a story within a story of how kafka (a great czech writer) wrote a story to console a little girl who had lost her doll ... you made me think of that with your tale (bit of a tear jerker, indeed, hee hee) about losing (s)pot :)

  4. Poor Spot the 1st. Sweet idea to cut holes in Spot the 2nd though!

  5. I'm sure they love listening to your stories Annabel!

  6. Annabel,
    You are welcome to come to my Wee Citee any time. Perhaps you could bring your animals and sing a few songs with the rain as accompaniment...
    I had a favourite animal too. It was a Mon Chi Chi...We brought him to the beach once and there were a lot of flies so I put fly "dope"/repellent on him to protect him and his face melted off. I too was heart broken for weeks! I know how much things like that still hurt years later. I found another one (except a girl) 20 years later and I have her in my room.
    Thank you for sharing your story it was a tear jerker for sure! I like the new Spot though. Seems to have a lot personality.
    I hope you have a wonderful day!

  7. I really like that each one of your stuffed animals has its own personality! Since you are writing about it, it's something you'll never forget.

    We have lots of "friends" (as we call them) at our house. Tyler would sleep with all of them if we let him, leaving little room for him. He likes it that way. "Wolfie" even goes to the dentist with us, and sometimes comes in the car to school. T likes that Wolfie is waiting for him after school. (Ty is 6 yrs old)

    Kiss them all - and read them a bedtime story. :>)

  8. I love your post, and your story. You made me smile several times..I have been reading Alice in Wonderland, and my daughter who is 10 wasn't interested (she loves Japanese manga and fashion magazines), so I read it to her when she's asleep.
    You gave me a great inspiration, to read it to one of our dolls...I'm going to ask them who would like to hear it. There must be one!??
    happy day to you!

  9. Sweet post Annabel! You are right! They are real for children...love your story!

  10. I love walking by your room and hearing you read PJ to your dolls. It was a GREAT series.

  11. Good morning Annabel! Thanks for your comment... Well, I've should said: "To be continued", because in this days, I am "playing" again with miniatures, and Patricia asked me to send her another couple of little furniture and mini dresses, cushions and quilts,to make more art works and I really love to do this for a talented person I really love like a sister.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. awww you are too sweet. love the names you chose for all your animals. hugs-jane