Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Corner View~Pondering

I like to think. A lot. I'm a big thinker so this is a good topic for me. I think about bad stuff. Everyone does. It's human nature. But I also think about good stuff.

Honestly, what's on my mind half the time is fun stuff like Pokemon and video games, because I'm a kid.
Kids should be kids. And most kids' lives are all about fun.
 But sometimes I go into creative spurts, and get new ideas for a new book. Or just for the book I'm writing. I think about my acting career, and where my life is taking me. I think about the people suffering in India and Africa, and all the cruelty in the world and it makes me sad. I think about all of the universe's mysteries and what is the meaning of life. Are we all just an illusion? God's dream? If so, do any of our desires even matter? I think in bed a lot. I'm not a person who falls asleep quickly.
Thinking is a beautiful thing. You can imagine anything you want. Anything in the world. There's no law against it. You are free, in your mind. That is, if you know how to control it. My dad tells me that your mind can be your friend or your enemy. Your servant, or your boss. Your mind can drive you crazy, or it can turn you into a spiritual master. My mind is not very controlled yet. I have a weird fear, and sometimes, when I start to think, Oh, this fear is about to come true, my mind makes me more and more worried, until I start to believe it. But then, if I get distracted, I start to feel fine, and I realize it was just my mind playing tricks on me. I hope your mind is your servant.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Corner View~Holiday Part 3

Here's part 1, and 2 for those of you who have not read them.
We also went to Future World, which is like the Disney Land of France, but for my last entry of this corner view, I'm going to focus on Venice.
When we arrived, I was in shock. It was so beautiful. So un-polluted. There were no cars. Not one. There were plenty of boats, and we took a taxi boat to our hotel. We settled in. The next few days were a blur. I remember walking everywhere. Going to little far away towns to buy little home made glass knickknacks for a high, tourist rip-off price. (But hey, we were tourist's!) Half the time, we spent eating, or-at least, I wish we had! We would go to a restaurant every night. There was the best spaghetti I ever tasted. There was lasagna, with hardly any marinara sauce, so it was like cheesy pasta. There was buttered spinach and
raw salmon (which my dad said was great, but I did not try. I could keep on going, but I might flood your house by making your mouth water so much.
So bye, bye until tomorrow when there's corner view again!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Skylar Tribute

 Skylar and I when we were little

      I was just browsing on YouTube, and I was looking at a video/song that Skylar wrote and recorded when she was seven, and I was shrouded in memories of our childhood. I remember her doing that, but back then 7 hadn't seemed like "young" to me. In fact, I was about 5 so it seemed old. She's 14 now and I'm 11. I realized how talented she is for a 7 year old to write something like that. Actually I should say some things. She recorded a CD with 6 or so songs when she was 7, and has been recording CDs ever since. Now she has recorded 3 amazing CDs and is working on a 4th.
     Skylar is very talented at music and at being a good sister. When I was little, we used to play together all the time. We went to the same school usually, so we spent every second together. She always helps me with my homework, even now! We made up a game with dolls that even now we still play it!
     Yes, Skylar and I are very close--but we're not perfect, so we fight sometimes. When we are in a fight it makes me sad and uncomfortable. My sister is a big part of my life, and helps keep me grounded. But the good news is, when we do fight, we always make up within a few hours, because we're sisters, and we love each other!

Corner View~Holiday Part 2

If you have not read part one and want to here it is.

After Paris, we went to Sarlat (another part of France).
We stayed at an old couple's house (on the top floor and they stayed on the bottom.) While Paris had been wizzy, 'cause it was in the City, Sarlat was in the country, with old fashioned towns. The house we were staying at was near a forest, with a garden. We were in complete nature. It was wonderful! We went out to dinner some of the nights, and the food was (duh!) heavenly. The kitchen was old fashioned, with honey, hot cacao, and walnuts and a walnut cracker. We were allowed to use and eat it all. One night mom and dad went out to dinner and Sky babysat. One day our car broke down, conveniently in the middle of nowhere, where no one spoke English, so for a while, we couldn't get anyone to help (not a fun day).
Overall, we had a great time!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Halloween is coming up soon. In case any of the people from Europe are reading this post, it's an american holiday where you dress up in a costume. Most people dress up like monsters or ghosts, and some people pt scary decorations on there houses. Kids come from door to door in their costumes. And the adults give the kids candy. (Begging for candy? Now that's my kind of holiday!)
I, however, am not dressing up as something scary (I never do). I'm going as piper McLean. She's a book character from the follow-up series of well known, Percy Jackson. The heroes of Olympus. The first book, The Lost Hero, just came out. I've almost finished it. I also convinced Shawn to go as Leo, another mane character in the series. Piper has a power called charmspeaking, which makes people listen to you. So maybe on Halloween, I can get everyone to give me their candy. Who knows? Leo is a sort of fire bender. He can crete fire with his hands. He is also inhumanly good at mechanics. like he can take a few nails and bolts and stuff out of his pocket, absentmindedly, and create a toy helicopter that totally works!
Anyway, I'll have a good Halloween charmspeaking people into giving me all their candy.

Corner View~Holiday Part 1

I'm going to write about the coolest vacation I've ever had. Now, I take a couple or few month vacation every summer with my family. We usually visit friends and family, which is all great, but one time, we went to Europe. I know some of you Corner View folks live in Europe, so your probably like, "Yeah, so? Big deal!" But for us this was awesome.
First we went to Paris. We stayed in a tiny little apartment with little hot water in the shower, next to a roaring city full of traffic....But we hardly noticed any of that stuff 'cause we were having such an awesome time.
Here's all the good things:
1. Our apartment was right next to an ice cream shop
2. Every morning, dad would go out to a pastry shops and get us croissants, baguettes, and sometimes sugary pastries for breakfast.
3. Every day we would go out and see national monuments (such as the Eiffel Tower), or go to parks or just go around the city.
4. Every night we would go out to a restauraunt and eat food that made us think Oh my God! I'm never going to taste something as good as that in my life! But then the next day, the next restaurant would top it. Then we would walk around and get pastries or gelato.
5. We walked a lot which was fun (and also--eh em--balanced out the extra few pounds we were gaining because the food was so good we couldn't get enough of it)

We only stayed in Paris for a little while--5 or so days. But it was one of the most amazing experiences, I ever had.

Throughout the week, I'm going to keep telling you about my trip to Europe (that was only one part) so stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Corner View~Green

I care very much about the earth and I'm very concerned. With so much pollution and cutting down of trees, the earth is very much out of balance. There's global warming and animal hunting. Some animals are on the brink of extinction. There is one type of leopard that there are only 35 left in the world. It's extremely sad.
I sang a song by Michael Jackson called "Earth Song" on YouTube. Here's a link:
I love this earth, and I hope humans can get it together in time.....
But lately, there's been more hope. More people are starting to be aware and do things like recycle and plant trees. My family recycles, composts, reuses glass jars and bags, and does whatever else we can to help the earth. I hope this earth has a good future.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Corner View~Orange

This picture was taken in Paris.