Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Corner View~Green

I care very much about the earth and I'm very concerned. With so much pollution and cutting down of trees, the earth is very much out of balance. There's global warming and animal hunting. Some animals are on the brink of extinction. There is one type of leopard that there are only 35 left in the world. It's extremely sad.
I sang a song by Michael Jackson called "Earth Song" on YouTube. Here's a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRgLQke-1Dc
I love this earth, and I hope humans can get it together in time.....
But lately, there's been more hope. More people are starting to be aware and do things like recycle and plant trees. My family recycles, composts, reuses glass jars and bags, and does whatever else we can to help the earth. I hope this earth has a good future.


  1. I think kids like you will ensure that our earth has a good future!

  2. Great post Annabel. I love how the song turned out, and look forward to hearing more songs from you :)

  3. You're doing such a good job! I like your singing. Word has it that you've been helping with the laundry hanging - singing there too, I hope. :>)

  4. Dearest Annabel: Your writing voice and your singing voice are both things that move me without fail. Thanks for all the love you put into the world. -- Dad

  5. A great optimistic post for the Earth. Thanks Annabel.