Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Halloween is coming up soon. In case any of the people from Europe are reading this post, it's an american holiday where you dress up in a costume. Most people dress up like monsters or ghosts, and some people pt scary decorations on there houses. Kids come from door to door in their costumes. And the adults give the kids candy. (Begging for candy? Now that's my kind of holiday!)
I, however, am not dressing up as something scary (I never do). I'm going as piper McLean. She's a book character from the follow-up series of well known, Percy Jackson. The heroes of Olympus. The first book, The Lost Hero, just came out. I've almost finished it. I also convinced Shawn to go as Leo, another mane character in the series. Piper has a power called charmspeaking, which makes people listen to you. So maybe on Halloween, I can get everyone to give me their candy. Who knows? Leo is a sort of fire bender. He can crete fire with his hands. He is also inhumanly good at mechanics. like he can take a few nails and bolts and stuff out of his pocket, absentmindedly, and create a toy helicopter that totally works!
Anyway, I'll have a good Halloween charmspeaking people into giving me all their candy.

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  1. nice! love your costume idea! hope you snag a bunch of candy!