Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Corner View~Pondering

I like to think. A lot. I'm a big thinker so this is a good topic for me. I think about bad stuff. Everyone does. It's human nature. But I also think about good stuff.

Honestly, what's on my mind half the time is fun stuff like Pokemon and video games, because I'm a kid.
Kids should be kids. And most kids' lives are all about fun.
 But sometimes I go into creative spurts, and get new ideas for a new book. Or just for the book I'm writing. I think about my acting career, and where my life is taking me. I think about the people suffering in India and Africa, and all the cruelty in the world and it makes me sad. I think about all of the universe's mysteries and what is the meaning of life. Are we all just an illusion? God's dream? If so, do any of our desires even matter? I think in bed a lot. I'm not a person who falls asleep quickly.
Thinking is a beautiful thing. You can imagine anything you want. Anything in the world. There's no law against it. You are free, in your mind. That is, if you know how to control it. My dad tells me that your mind can be your friend or your enemy. Your servant, or your boss. Your mind can drive you crazy, or it can turn you into a spiritual master. My mind is not very controlled yet. I have a weird fear, and sometimes, when I start to think, Oh, this fear is about to come true, my mind makes me more and more worried, until I start to believe it. But then, if I get distracted, I start to feel fine, and I realize it was just my mind playing tricks on me. I hope your mind is your servant.


  1. Annabel, you are wise Because you are such a thinker. You can tell by your writing that you give a lot of thought to what you want to say. Being "the thinker" is not a bad thing. Have a happy rest of the week. ~ Conny

  2. Great post, Annabel. You are very smart! :)


  3. It takes a long time to train your mind, even for grownups, and you are on your way. Your dad is wise, you are lucky to have him.

  4. you're lucky to have them all. you're all wise people :)

    it's good to think and analyse but, indeed, it should help you make good choices and never depress you. we all have bad days, obviously and, indeed, it's not easy to train those tricky minds sometimes.
    however, I reckon you're already much further than many adults...

  5. How lucky for you to be so wise at 11 years old. I, like you, am still trying to master my mind and make it my servant.
    Have a great day.