Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mind Science

I didn't do corner view but decided to write this instead.

I was thinking. The world is progressing so fast in technology (which is apparently a good thing.) When you think "future," you think floating houses, and computers doing everything. That seems cool right? Right. But if the world keeps up what they're doing, it's gonna end up a lot different. We'll be advanced in science and everything, but the whole world is going to be falling apart as well. There are two main types of knowledge, scientific and intellectual knowledge, and spiritual knowledge.

If each of those were on a side of a scale representing the human mind at present, intellectual knowledge would be way heavier. And the scale would just be getting less and less balanced, until finally one side of the scale will be so heavy, that the scale would break. It's like that. It's good to absorb knowledge, but most of this world is only absorbing one side of it. If we get too "smart," we'll eventually just destroy ourselves.

You want an example? Wars. If we're constantly getting smarter and making new inventions, we should get it in our "big" brains that wars are horrible and childish. I think we should consider taking a break from exploring the outer galaxy, when we can't even explore our inner selves enough to stop wars and suffering, and to save our own world from things like global warming. I'm not saying it's not good to learn, but like I said, we need to start absorbing the knowledge from the other side of the scale as well, the spiritual side. Please think about what I said, and do your part to save this planet.


  1. What a wise perspective. You know, you will change so many lives (and thus, the world) for the better with your light.

  2. Yes!!!!
    So clearly and confidentally expressed!
    it's inspiring to visit your magical corner (the blues around this page and the purple flowers are so full of light, like they are cheering you on too...:))

  3. Annabel, this is a very thought provoking post. You are on your way to becoming the kind of adult everyone will admire.

  4. Since I can "think" I think about that ;)

    You're so right, but, as Hermann Hesse said : "Wisdom is not communicable"...

    So, I'm with you !

  5. Annabel, I am really happy to have you as "Corner View" friend!