Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Corner View~Coffee Companion

People, I'm a kid. I don't drink coffee, and no offense to all you coffee fans out there, but I've smelled it and from that experience, I don't think I'll ever want to have a coffee companion.

However, I do find myself wanting to go to Starbucks. I do like chai. Sometimes my mom gets it and gives us a few sips. (When it has caffeine, it makes us wild.) What I like most about Starbucks though, is the pastries. They have cinnamon rolls, and blueberry muffins, sometimes they even have donuts. But my favorite pastry that I've ever tasted was a vanilla eclair from Paris, France. (Don't give me credit for the pic. I found it on Google images.)

Okay, well sorry this post wasn't much about coffee. You know what. Just to humor you all, I'm going to put a photo of coffee on here from Google images.

P.S. Visit Jane's blog for more coffee companion posts that will probably be more about coffee than pastries.


  1. I think pastries make the perfect coffee companion and your eclair from Paris sounds fanstatic.

    (My daughter really loves your blog background, by the way, and she would like to say, "I like your fish movie! It's the best!")

  2. great post! i love pastries with or without coffee!

  3. maybe you could try a coffee eclair (un éclair au café) ?!! :)
    they're one of my daughter's favorite pastries !

  4. I love a Starbucks too. Those pastries look too good. Enjoy.

  5. A-bel, You made me laugh, especially about not liking the smell of coffee. It's an acquired taste, (and smell). :)

  6. i also LOVE starbucks - the coffee and the sweet things =) i also would like to try vanille eclair, but i have never heard about it before.

  7. Coffee is an acquired taste for sure. But to be sure there are adults who don't like it either. My son (6) loves to go to Starbucks and ask for a kid's size chocolate milk - yumm. Sometimes we share a pastry there.

    Even though you don't drink coffee, I'm glad you posted a corner view today. Next week's corner view should be great fun - the world in miniature, I think. I'll bet you come up with something really creative.

  8. i am laughing, annabel, because i think coffee smells delicious, and although i drink it, i always think it smells better than it tastes, so if you don't like the smell, you will probably never drink it!
    the eclairs and other treats, though? Yum!