Friday, March 5, 2010


Teeth. What are they? For kids, they are money earning devices (The tooth fairy). For adults, they are another bone to learn about.

I'm guessing you're wondering why I'm writing about teeth? Well, if you've been following my blog, you'll know that I have braces. And a loose tooth hurts with braces. I had a loose tooth last night, and it was hurting, so I asked my mom to pull it out. The thing was, it would have been ready, but the wire was blocking, so it could only be loose on one side. Anyway, my mom had to pull it out with pliers (she was very careful) and I put it under my pillow. It hadn't been loose for very long, and it was on such short notice for the tooth fairy that there was nothing under my pillow when I first woke up this morning. But my dad says that the tooth fairy had to go to the bank 'cause she's gonna give me a lot of money. Well, later in the day, I got two bucks! Maybe I'd post some pictures of my tooth (I wrote the tooth fairy a note, asking if I could keep it), or a picture of my new smile, but I have to do my homework. Bye!


  1. You haven't lost a tooth in a while so I'm glad it came out. And 2 bucks? I used to get 50 cents! :)

  2. $2! the tooth fairy that visits you is generous! i am impressed with your mom and her pliers. i think my daughter is going to be losing her first tooth soon. hope i don't have to pull any for her!

  3. I never thought that losing a tooth when you have braces hurts! Glad your mom got it out eventually!