Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Do you ever feel like you want to kick and punch and fight ('cause it's fun) but you don't want to hurt people? Well this is your chance!
Taekwando is like karate. I'm a high yellow belt, so are Shawn and Skylar. We've been doing it since the end of last year, but we took a 3 month break vacationing to different places so we missed a lot. A yellow belt is the second belt. Yellow's not very high but we've all gotten much stronger since starting it, and its super fun.

Recently, when we were white belts, we had a Taekwando tournament. It involved forms (groups of kicks, punches, and stances) and sparring (fighting with pads). I won a third place medal in sparring and a fourth place medal in forms. The groups aren't very big so, 4th place was last place and 3rd was second last. But it's OK 'cause it was only my first tournament.

My Yellow Belt (The stripe means high)

Me Sparring in the tournament (I'm on the right side.)

Me sparring again (I'm left this time.)

Us with our medals when we were white belts. Sky and I competed against each other for forms, but otherwise, we were all in different groups.

4th and 3rd place.


  1. Excellent! You're so strong, and yet beautiful, just like the flower that adorns your page.

  2. Awesome!! You did so well in sparring that day!

  3. Way to go Annabel! You are tough!