Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Corner view~7

Seven--or 7 is a lucky number (and my dad's favorite number).

I will write about my seven favorite things.

7 favorite foods: 1. potatoes, 2. hamburgers and french fries, 3. smores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 4. my mom's homemade Indian food, 5. buttered spinach (yes, I know most kids gag at the mere THOUGHT of spinach, but I like it buttered!), 6. Anything with even a drop of sugar in it (preferably 7 pounds of sugar, though), 7. lasagna (you're welcome Garfield).

7 favorite colors: 1. blue (my favorite), 2. green, 3. purple, 4. yellow, 5. sky blue, 6. the next color to be discovered, 7. any color from another dimension!

7 favorite things: 1. Percy Jackson (read my blog post about him), 2. Pokemon (my OBSESSION at the moment), 3. donating to the poor, 4. drawing, 5. reading, 6. Taekwondo (here's a post, but I'm a blue belt now, not a yellow belt), 7. Theater (singing and acting because I want to be an actress/singer)


  1. I like your lists of 7 - all good things. Pokemon is also a current obsession of my son's so that made me smile. Good for you liking spinach because it's a powerful vegetable - lots of nutrients. Happy Days.

  2. mmmm. smores! mmmm, lasagna! mmm, indian food! now, i'm hungry.

  3. Fun favorites! The new color sounds exciting, another stripe in the rainbow and then there will be 8!!