Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Corner View~Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! A great day isn't it? It celebrates taking care of our beautiful home, the earth. I'd like to talk about some activities we can do to help heal the earth, right here. Skylar and I made that video with our home school teacher, and entered it in a video contest (we're finalists)!

Anyway, back to Earth Day. It is really sad how much the human race has ruined the earth and I think this Michael Jackson video is a perfect example how. I really hope that we can stop this from getting any worse because humans are just digging themselves deeper and deeper into a hole, and there are living things in that hole, that we're destroying in the process. We need to start taking a break from digging, until we can repair the living things, and until we can repair the earth.

Here's another post I recently wrote about a similar thing.

Visit Jane's blog for more earth day corner views.


  1. Great post. Great thoughts my dear.

  2. Wow finalists! That's great.
    I'll hop over to you tube and watch michael's video!

    Happy Earthday!

  3. congratulations on being finalists.
    This is a wonderful post. Happy Day.

  4. Happy Earth Day, Annabel! Saw the video, and congratulations!

  5. Hi Annabel,
    happy earth day!
    Your video is great, and a treat to see your family and I also heard you singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Beautiful,
    I will come back again to see the MJ video, am on the way out to visit a tree---my "Tomare" tree, and wish her a Happy Earth day.
    Love to you and your inspiring family,

  6. I have the same hope ! "Taking care" is our mission ;)