Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Corner View~Improvising

Recently my dad has taught me to improvise with the scales on piano. It's basically like doing harmonies on the piano (for those of you folks who don't know what the heck I am talking about). For a while, okay maybe like 5 years, I was kind of out of my piano phase. But this harmonic scale has really gotten me back into it. It's beautiful. It's like an orchestra you can control with just a light touch of your finger.

Since I am an actress and a musician I'd like to also talk about another kind of improvisation. In acting improvisation is very important. If you mess up in front of a live audience you have to ad lib, which means to improvise. When you make a speech you should never memorize it, you should just memorize ideas.  You do this because if you memorize the speech and you forget it, it will be a disaster. If you just memorize ideas it will be like a conversation with the audience. I learned this today in home school.

Later, my peeps!


  1. Beautiful post Annabel. You are doing great with piano, keep it up. There are some songs inside of you, I know it.

  2. In twenty or thirty years time, when I am all wrinkled and gray, but younger than I am now, I want to play the piano again. Straight from the heart, where I keep my tunes.

    I'd love to listen to some of your impro sessions. Would you post them on your blog?