Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Corner View~Organic Form

These are some pictures of organic form I took! I hope you like 'em.


  1. Annabel you chose all of the best ones. I am impressed. You have a good eye.

    I loved our art/photography lesson. We will do more in the future!

    Love you! Mom

  2. such wonderful photos Anabel!
    wich fruit is that in the last one?

  3. These are really beautiful photos!!! You've got the "eye"!

  4. Love the egg shot! And what about this weeks CV. Who is your favourite artist?

  5. Hey, Annabel! I know it is kind of creepy to have some random person comment on your blog...I can totally understand that! I was looking for a picture of a snow leopard to go on my blog. I found the one you had put on yours, but I didn't know that until I clicked on it. I started reading a few of your posts, you seem kind of like me. I think on the top of your post it says you are twelve...that is how old I am. Your blog posts are way better than mine. Sorry if this is creepy to you, I don't mean for it to be that way. By the way, I like your little pet things. Mittens and Sammy. I've got some of my own of those...accually I have 15 of them, all different animals. Bye!