Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I honestly don't really like fall very much. First of all where we live the leaves don't even fall so we don't get to jump in leaves or anything. Second of all, fall is when I go back to school. Not that I don't like learning or the school year, but it's hard to go from fun summer days to extreme homework issues. I mean I barely had time to write the corner view today 'cause I had to finish up a report. (So that's why I'm doing this late. It ain't my fault, I didn't ask for extreme homework!) But I guess in some places the fall is pretty. Here it's a little cooler in the morning and we get more clouds, but that's all.


  1. Poor thing. :(

    But you sure is smart! So maybe it's not all bad, eh?

  2. "extreme" homework. ha ha. (not sure your public hint is going to work, though :)

    lots of leaves here but all soggy and yuk so, no jumping either, I'm afraid.